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sphynx cat

 We are sisters, Sharon & Dana and we are lovers of naked cats because we are also quilters and didnt want to have lots of hair in all our fabric. We did so much research into the Sphynx cats before deciding to get our first naked kitty. We got Louie as an adult and thats where it all began.


 Female cats are called Queens, male cats are Kings and the babies are a litter/kindle. They are the softest, very loveable and oh so smart. 

 All our naked cats and kittins are raised in our home where they are super spoiled, they get the run of the house but also have special rooms just for them. All our kitties are born in our home, we are with them when they deliver and we help them to clean up the babies and ensure they are all healthy and nursing well so they become fat and sassy.

 We have learned so much about the breed and how amazing they are. They are smart, silly, funny, loving, ornery, sassy, crazy, talkative, playful, lazy, adorable, adventurous, happy, full of personality and so much more. We think everyone should have one or maybe two.

 We raise the cats in our home (our clawed up furniture is proof), they steal the beds, hog the couch, get all our love and attention, get under our feet when we walk, wait outside the bathroom for us, and reach under doors to make sure we are still there, they make us happy when we are feeling down and we couldn't imagine life without them.

 When they begin to eat food we start putting them in the litter box to go to the bathroom, and then several times a day and before bed so they become used to going inside it to potty, they learn to use the kitty door and by the time you take them home they are litter box trained.

 The babies begin to be dewormed at 2 weeks old and are dewormed every 2 weeks until they go home to you at 12 weeks old. At 8 weeks they have the first kitty vaccine so they can begin to build up an immunity before leaving our home.


They are well socialized and will get lots of love and snuggles before they go home.

  Because we have had animals stolen from our home after people have came to look at them we no longer allow people to come to our cat house, But we are happy to bring babies to meet you someplace local to us so you can choose a baby in person or we can do lots of pictures and videos if its not possible to make the trip. 

When you choose your baby we will send you updates and pictures as often as you like so you can see them as they grow, just send me a text and Ill take a current picture of your baby and send it back, life does get busy so if I dont get a picture that day please remind me.

                                                  WHAT THE BABIES COME HOME WITH

When they go home at 12 weeks old they will come with, shot record, bill of sale, copy of the contract is e-mailed to you when you complete it, a toy, and some food to transition them to what you will feed so they don't get an upset tummy, we also give a little blanket with the smells of the litter and mamma to make the new home feel familiar.

They will have a vet check before going home when they are spayed or neutered.

We are easy to work with when it comes time to pick up your baby, so let us know what will work best for you.

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